Nio Has To Raise More Money to Survive

Nio Has To Raise More Money to Survive

A big interest repayment is due Feb. 1, but Nio will probably go out of money in advance

Numerous reports arrived on Jan. 15 that Nio had raised $1 billion in financing from Guangzhou Automobile Group (OTCMKTS: GNZUF ) wednesday.

Nonetheless, on Thursday, the South China Morning Post stated that Guangzhou Automobile had confirmed that it would possibly spend as much as just $150 million in Nio.

Nio Is Starving for Money

Nio’s third-quarter report ended up being released on Dec. 30, ninety days following the end of their matching quarter. The report shows cash that is nio’s was right down to just $274.3 million.

But on June 30, 2019, Nio had $503 million in cash and opportunities readily available. This means Nio lost $228.7 million into the quarter that is third.

Therefore the business cannot manage to carry on burning through such considerable amounts of money.

Through the quarter that is third Nio burned through $228.7 million. Plus the company likely burned through the same quantity within the 4th quarter.

Will $150 Million Really Assist Nio?

Nio will probably need to raise a lot more than $150 million to be able to endure. We estimate that by Dec. 31, 2019, the business had $45 million or less readily available

Why do i believe therefore? Here’s what Nio stated about its money stability into the report december:

“The business operates with continuous loss and negative equity. The Company’s cash balance is maybe not sufficient to produce the necessary working capital and liquidity for continuous operation within the next year. The Company’s continuous operation … depends upon the Company’s capacity to obtain enough outside equity or financial obligation funding.”

The report additionally stated it is “working on a few financing projects” and will announce any developments whenever appropriate.

Tright herefore this is actually the issue. By Jan. 31, at a level of $229 million per quarter, Nio will burn off through another $76 million. But it probably just had $45 million readily available at the conclusion associated with entire year.

Despite having another $150 million from Guangzhou vehicle, that would only provide it $195 million. Possibly the business may survive 2 months on that, however it is not yet determined. As I talked about, the business is burning $229 million per quarter.

If there is no statement of outside money by the end of 2020, investors should likely expect the worst january.

Huge Debt Service Requirements

More over, one analyst had written that by Feb. 14, Nio must produce a big interest repayment. Nio offered $650 million in senior notes that are convertible with rates of interest at 4.5%, in February 2019. The attention is payable semi-annually.

This means that Nio has got to create a $14.6 million interest payment on Feb. 1 — only a couple of weeks from today.

Failure to create that re payment would place the ongoing company in standard. Also it may likely trigger a true range bad activities.

So, if Nio understands so it can’t result in the payment, it’ll likely come into a bankruptcy filing, so that you can protect its remaining assets from creditors. Unfortuitously, that may likely imply that existing investors could end up getting no value with regards to their stocks.

Even though convertible senior notes are investing available in the market well below their par value, they are dealing greater in past times many weeks. Possibly these investors suspect that Nio can pull off a funding round. Perhaps the Feb. is believed by them 1 re payment is made on time.

Therefore, that knows actually what will take place with Nio’s finances? If Nio helps make the interest re payment utilizing the $150 million from Guangzhou, it could perhaps not keep enough money to endure.

The conclusion on Nio Inventory

To express that Nio stock is extremely speculative would be underrating the specific situation. I’ve been warning concerning the company’s finances in several of my articles that are previous.

Something is for certain. There’s absolutely no margin of safety here. This isn’t a play for protective investors. In reality, this indicates extremely likely that Nio stock shall come into bankruptcy.

That may suggest investors in Nio stock would end up getting no value with their stocks.

One of the ways the business could endure is if it offered itself or a sizable amount associated with business. We composed about it at the beginning of December. Whatever the case, it could still suggest a huge dilution for current investors.

Therefore then buy the stock if you think that there is a future for Nio. At this time, it would be a significant bargain if you think both the company and the present Nio stock will survive. Needless to say, there are no guarantees about whether Nio stock will survive whatever “financing project” that the motor automobile company may come up with.

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